Electric maintenance in your home IDEAL ELECTRICISTA

Home secured with assistance of a Maintenance, Repair and Electric Installation Electrician

Assistência técnica electricista em casa

1. The IDEAL Electrician Home Service was created to provide technical assistance and do maintenance, repair and replica orologi installation equipments and electric installations of your house.


The safety of your home and family are our priorities, the IDEAL Electrician, certified and equipped with technical know-how of electricity to do the intervention in your house, will do a service of excellence and according to your requirements.


And because we want you to feel safe in your house, the IDEAL Electrician will do a prior inspection of the electric installations of your house, preparing a detailed report and advising you on the best solutions for the safety and energy efficiency of your home.

2. What are the IDEAL Electrician Home Service procedures?


With procedures specifically created for client satisfaction, the IDEAL Electrician will visit the home, answering to the intervention request made through our general service number.


After a prior inspection to the electric installations of your home, a detailed report is prepared with the intervention needs.


After taking note of the electric intervention needs of your home the IDEAL Electrician with do a quotation according to what you need, the electric intervention in done immediately!

The IDEAL Electrician services available for technical assistance in your home include:









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